Everything you need to know about Pack 53 and Popcorn Sales.

Chip Chenery is this year’s Popcorn Colonel.  Pack 53 does things a little differently than other Packs.  Each year, for the last 4, we’ve eliminated family expenses for the pack with popcorn sales.  With weekend sales at Lowes and Wal-Mart, combined with what the boys sell on their sheets, we raise on average about $3000 which is 30% of total sales. We then pay for the entire year of events plus supplies with that money.  The money is used for the following:

  • Chartering fees paid to BSA for the pack to exist
  • 2 picnics and/or campouts for food, plates, drinks, etc.
  • Pinewood Derby Cars, Cub Scout manuals, awards and neckerchiefs for graduation (2nd major expense)
  • Blue and Gold Dinner (semi-catered) and we do collect some fees for this at the door
  • Reimbursals to Leaders for supplies

This strategy allows us to run the Pack at almost no cost to families after joining Scouts.  But there’s another reason it’s important.

The Cubscouts help the Pack function by working to raise this money through popcorn sales.  They’re learning about work.  The boys also learn that some people say “No thanks”, and that’s just fine.  Hearing a “No” and being able to accept that with a smile is a good experience.   Lastly, when they do make a sale, and those people understand they’re helping the Cubscouts, they learn about the goodness of every day people.

Additionally, boys are very much encouraged to individually sell popcorn with their sheets and online.  They can earn prizes and awards on their own efforts.  Every year, we’ve got some boys who earn some very neat prizes.

PopCorn Sales in lieu of dues 10am-2pm Saturdays and Sundays in September

  • SEP 10-11 Lowes 10AM-4PM
  • SEP 17-18 Rural King
  • SEP 25 Lowes 10AM-3PM
  • OCT 1 Lowes 10AM-4PM
  • OCT 9  TBD Optional
  • OCT 15-16 TBD Optional
  • Wednesday 7 October 2015 – Show and Sell Popcorn #2 popcorn pickup
  • Thursday 20 October – Cubscouts turn in individual Popcorn sheet (FRUMC)
    • Leaders arrive at the Church 6-6:30 PM for set up
    • Tigers and Wolves turn in their Sheets 6:30 until 8:30
    • Bears and Webelos turn in their Sheets from 7:15 until 8:30
  • Monday 24 October  2014 – Popcorn Orders due at Office (Popcorn/Prizes)
  • Popcorn Delivery is November 11th for pickup
  • November 12th will be distribution to scouts at FRUMC 
    • No meeting Thursday 10 NOV in lieu of popcorn pickup


This link will open a printable flyer for Pack 53 Popcorn information.

This link will open a page for Shenandoah District Cubscout Popcorn information.

70% of popcorn sales go back to Scouting.  The Pack retains about a third of the receipts of popcorn sales and we use those funds to pay for Awards, Events and Books.  The rest goes to Boy Scouts of America to support the people and places that help us operate and provide scouting for your sons.  Both the Pack and BSA are not-for-profit organizations and operate primarily on the volunteer time of the Adults in each unit.