Pack 53 2016 Pinewood Derby


There are three Pinewood Derbies the Pack participates in:

  1. The Pack derby where our cubscouts race one another.
  2. The District derby where the top 3 winners from each den race against other packs.
  3. The Pack 53 Family Derby Invitational, where anyone in Front Royal can participate.

For the first two races, there are strict rules to adhere to:

Follow this link to the Pinewood Derby Race rules 2016 for constructing and racing Cars.  Note: the front of the car must be square edge (no points) to sit flat against the gate.

For the family derby, the rules are a little different.  You don’t need to use an official cubscout pinewood derby car kit.  You can get one from the local hardware store.  Anyone with a car can race.  We have mightily enjoyed racing the girl scouts for the last two years.